New Hire Paperwork Requirements

Step 1) Federal Tax Withholding Forms (W-4 & I-9)
You will receive an email from [email protected] (check your Junk folder if necessary) to initiate the process.
Click the "Complete I-9 & W-4 Now" button towards the bottom of the message to input your information. 
**Note: you'll see the line "After you complete the forms, you must provide your employer with original copies of Acceptable Documents that verify your identity and authorization to work" in the email message - this additional action (uploading 1-2 copies of your personal IDs) should be completed in Step 3 of this list.**


Step 2) State Tax Withholding Form (G-4)
Download the State Tax Withholding Form from the left sidebar menu. You can either complete the form with a PDF editor on your computer or print it out and complete by hand.
Once you have completed the form, either save it as a new PDF or take a clear photo/scan of it on your phone. The uploading process will take place in Step 3. 

Step 3) Direct Deposit Form
Click the Direct Deposit Form button on the left sidebar menu to be transported to the encrypted GTAH FANgineer Employee Info form. Here you will need to provide the following:
       - your preferred contact information
       - your work authorization status (e.g. US citizen, foreign national)
       - upload 1-2 photos or scans of your available personal IDs (e.g. driver's license, passport)
       - upload a PDF scan or clear photo of your completed State Tax Withholding Form
       - your Direct Deposit information (Checking or Savings Account information)
       - your local mailing address (if different from the permanent address listed on your W-4)
       - designated emergency contact information
If you do not currently have a personal checking or savings account, a compiled list of nearby banking options offering free (no monthly fee) accounts is available on the sidebar menu. Please contact the GTAH Office for any additional questions or concerns about payment methods. 

Step 4) Successfully Complete Employee Background Check
**Note: Step 4 can only be completed after the GTAH Office receives your federal tax forms; please allow 5 business days after completing Step 1 for the background check email to be delivered. **
You should soon receive an email from [email protected] (check your Junk folder if necessary) to initiate the process.
Review the instructions provided in the email message, then click the "Get Started" button towards the bottom. Please complete all fields and review your answers for spelling before submitting. 

Step 5) Review Staff Materials
**Note: the Service Guidebook & Team Handbook are both password protected. GTAH will share the passwords with you in late August**
Prior to our Academy staff training, please utilize the buttons on the left sidebar menu to thoroughly review the following materials: 
       - P.E.A.K. Service Guidebook (password will be shared via email)
       - Team Member Handbook
       - Bobby Dodd Stadium Map
Please also click around the "WHAT WE DO" Football section (on the top menu) of our website to familiarize yourself with our various premium areas. 
Step 6) Set Up Your Employee Profile via Payroll Portal 
**Note: Step 6 can only be completed after the GTAH Office uses your federal & state tax forms to add you into the payroll system in late July; if you have already completed Steps 1-3, please wait 3 business days before attempting Step 6 **
Click the Payroll Portal button on the left sidebar menu to be transported to our ADP Payroll System. To create your account, click "Sign Up", then click "I have a registration code" and input the code COLGROUP-ADP to proceed with your registration. Step-by-step registration instructions are also available on the sidebar menu. 
Once your account setup is complete, you will be able to log in through the Payroll Portal button at any time to view/download pay statements, download your W2, adjust your tax withholdings, and update your direct deposit information (see Payroll Portal Instructions).
Step 7) Attend FANGINEER Academy 
During this training we will review position responsibilities, game day scenarios and other general need-to-knows. The 2020 Academy date and format (in-person or virtual) is currently TBD, but typically occurs within two weeks prior to the start of football season.
The GTAH Director will communicate Academy details in August, as well as share materials needed to complete Step 8 at that time.


Step 8) Review Premium Area Policy Guides
Prior to our first game, please review the policy guide relative to your assigned position’s side (the GTAH Office will share these with you prior to Academy):
       - West Suite Guide
       - North Suite Guide
       - East Suite & Club Lounge Guide
       - South Suite & Tech Terrace Guide
These guides are typically sent to our premium patrons ahead of each season to communicate policies updates and game day procedures so it’s imperative that you are well versed in the contents. Not every question will be able to be answered using these guides, but we hope they will help with most.