2021 Season Training

 Step 1) Review Staff Materials
**Note: the Service Guidebook & Team Handbook are both password protected. GTAH will share the passwords via email**
Prior to our Academy staff training, please utilize the buttons on the left sidebar menu to thoroughly review the following materials: 
       - P.E.A.K. Service Guidebook
       - Team Member Handbook 
       - Bobby Dodd Stadium Map
Please also click around the "WHAT WE DO" Football section (on the top menu) of our website to familiarize yourself with our various premium areas. 


Step 2) Attend Virtual FANGINEER Academy 
The GTAH Office will communicate Academy details in August. During this virtual training we will review position responsibilities, game day scenarios and other general need-to-knows. 


Step 3) Attend In-Person Stadium Tour
If you are a returner, a tour is not required, however you will need to schedule a time to come pick up your game-day polo.


Step 4) Review Premium Area Policy Guides
Prior to our first game, please review the policy guide relative to your assigned position’s side (the GTAH Office will share these with you prior to Game 1):
       - West Suite Guide
       - North Suite Guide
       - East Suite & Club Lounge Guide
       - South Suite & Tech Terrace Guide
These guides are typically sent to our premium patrons ahead of each season to communicate policies updates and game day procedures so it’s imperative that you are well versed in the contents. Not every question will be able to be answered using these guides, but we hope they will help with most.