Time to spread the good word. Recruitment for Fall 2020 is open! #biGTimehospitality

Stripe III: Why We’re Here The Georgia Tech Athletic Association and the Colonnade Group are committed to providing the best possible service for members in the GT premium areas. At any given moment, no matter the task, the GTAH goal is always to be that best possible service. ••• Hospitality knows no offseason; it can’t be contained in single caption because it extends far beyond gameday, beyond catering orders, beyond access and the amenities - it grows with us and we with it. So while it may be true that no one is great at everything.. you’ll never catch us not still trying to be.

Stripe II: What We Do 🔁 ▶️ GTAA: premium logistics and event coordination ⏭ GT FB: Suites, Tech Terrace & Club Lounge Hospitality ⏭ SEC Championship: FanFare Volunteer Coordination ⏭ GT MBB: Callaway Club & Courtside Hospitality

Stripe I: Who We Are GT Athletic Hospitality is a Colonnade Group ELEV8 office within the Georgia Tech Athletic Association. Beyond our day-to-day management and operational planning, we serve a combined 4,400+ donors spread across five suite levels and three club areas during all home football and men’s basketball games. ••• ELEV8 is the Colonnade Group division that focuses on premium seating hospitality and event logistics. There are currently 15 (and counting!) ELEV8 offices across the nation. ••• As a whole, the Colonnade Group is an operations management company whose reach in the world of college athletics extends further beyond ELEV8 into major conference and national championship events held each year. From producing interactive fanfares and exclusive VIP experiences to literally building additional seating and hospitality structures on site, Colonnade has an expert staff and a proven playbook for overall service enhancement.